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Andrea thornock

aka "Lady liberty"

Liberty has been a passion my whole life - I guess it really started with me being raised in the Army, watching my dad being gone a lot - all to defend liberty around the world. So I saw firsthand that liberty was important, not only for Americans but for everyone. I’ve lived in Europe & Asia, and in the East & West in the U.S. So I’ve seen many different cultures and how their governments handle their liberties. For the last 20+ yrs, I’ve resided near our nation’s Capital, thriving in this area of palpable patriotism & politics.


Quite often, I have had people, even strangers, ask me if I am a candidate running for office. New acquaintances & friends alike have told me I need to have my own talk show! So this Voice of Liberty Podcast is a start in making a difference! I always knew it would be a show about liberty. Since high school, I’ve been interested in how liberty works in our daily lives, participating on debate teams and standing for a cause. Through my travels, having seen the results of nations where the people were robbed of their basic liberties, it has been burning inside me deeply for decades. On one of my upcoming episodes, I will share with you how I brought home a piece of the Berlin Wall. What a poignant experience...

In my professional life, I have been an opera singer, a voice instructor and a speech coach. I currently work in Real Estate and am a writer and an editor. I have loved working with clients and peers from 55+ countries around the world. This has also opened my eyes, as I have gleaned from them about their home countries, and how they see America, through a different lens than those of us who were born here. Living and working internationally is one of the reasons I wanted to do this podcast because I have seen firsthand, things that most people have not had the opportunity to see for themselves. I am here to share with you my perspective on liberty, and to also hear your experiences and thoughts about liberty in your life. Comments from all parts of the world are welcome. And I extend a special invitation to our military folks stationed abroad! Let us take a clear and honest look at what’s going on around us here in the U.S., while broadening our scope on what’s possible in today’s world!

We are looking forward to having you tune in each week to our Voice of Liberty Podcast!




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